EDI 810 Electronic Invoice

EDI 810 Electronic Invoice Requirements

EDI 810 Electronic Invoice vendor exchange requires testing and certification by Saks SFA EDI Office. Saks requires one EDI 810 Electronic Invoice for each shipment, by PO, Store, and Bill of Lading. Failure to comply may result in payment delays. Ensure invoices are accurate, do not include information on merchandise that is back ordered or not shipped. Any incorrect information will result in an expense offset fee.

EDI 810 Electronic Invoice must be transmitted to the correct Saks Fifth Avenue mailbox. Do not recycle invoice numbers. Bill of Lading must match the ASN; unmatched Bill of Lading / Tracking numbers between invoices and Advance Ship Notice (ASN) will delay invoice payment. If EDI invoices fail Saks edits, corrected invoices must be submitted in order to receive payment.

Do not retransmit invoices unless instructed to do so by EDI Department or Accounts Payable. If you are unable to correct and retransmit the invoice, Accounts Payable will process the PO/receipt payment with an internal system generated invoice number.

The vendor is responsible for researching EDI 824’s and contacting Vendor Relations or the Accounts Payable Department when unable to correct the 824 and retransmit.


If you are not able to submit EDI 810 invoices, Saks will pay the purchase order with a system generated invoice through ERS (Evaluated Receipt Settlement) system once it is received. The invoice number will be made up of: PO#, BOL or ASN# and Store Location.

Consignment sales will be paid using a system generated invoice based on the sale date and store location.

Payments are issued twice a week. All invoices posted to the vendor’s trial balance the day of the check run with a due date of that day will be included on the vendor’s check. The check will be in US dollars made payable to the vendor or factor. All checks are delivered to the United States Postal Service the day of the check run or the following day depending on the completion of the run.

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