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EDI 824 Application Advice (Lowe’s Vendor Requirements)

EDI 824 Application Advice is used by Lowe’s for reporting 855 Reverse PO EDI data errors to its trading partners. The 855 data validation will be based on the requirements included in the 855 Reverse PO Implementation Guide. It will also be validated against an actual purchase order upon receipt of the 855 Reverse PO. Additional system application reporting tools at Lowe’s will be used to advise the trading partner of shipment compliance based on the 855 Reverse PO and actual receipt of the shipment.

855 data errors types reported in the 824

  1. Those 855 Reverse PO documents that were accepted with errors, and
  2. Those 855 Reverse PO documents that were rejected.

For the 855 documents that were accepted with errors, the trading partner does not need to resend the 855 unless the trading partner determines it is necessary. For the other type of 855 data errors that are rejected, the trading partner should resend the 855. After the Original 855 is transmitted, all subsequent 855s for an order should be sent as a Replacement regardless of whether the Original 855 rejected.

For both warning/reject 855 errors, the trading partner should identify what caused the error and make the necessary system application changes to eliminate the error in future 855 EDI transactions. If there are data discrepancies with the 855 data, the 997 that Lowe’s returns for the 855 may indicate the 855 was Accepted but the 824 will include the data discrepancies.

Note, Lowe’s will always send an E in the 997 to indicate 855 data that was rejected or was processed with warnings. Both the 997 and 824 documents sent by Lowe’s should be used to address any data discrepancies with the 855. For 855s that are rejected, a Replacement 855 is required within 24 hours of the rejected status being communicated to your company via the EDI 824 document.

Lowe’s requires a 997 Functional Acknowledgment for the 824 to be returned within 72 hours of transmission of the 824 document. The 997 should be sent in version 004060. Lowe’s will retrieve the 855 EDI documents during its inbound run times, and the 824 EDI documents will be transmitted during Lowe’s outbound run times.

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