EDI 832 Price Sale Catalog

EDI 832 Price Sale Catalog Extra Mapping Guides

EDI 832 Price Sale Catalog additional mapping notes represent what is expected when receiving GS1 EDI 832 Price Sale Catalog information from a Macy’s vendor. For definitions of the segments vendors should study the GS1 retail industry conventions and guidelines for EDI.

Macy’s preferred method of receiving UPC catalog information is via Open Text. Deviation from the standard GS1 832 format may negate the ability to receive data from trading partners.

EDI 832 Price Sale Catalog Extra Mapping Notes

DTM Segment

  • Selection codes are used by the vendor to group UPCs in logical categories. Common examples are: 001=Blouses; 002=Sweaters; 003=Jackets
  • Type of Date:
    • 018 – Available (first available ship date)
    • 036 – Discontinue date
    • 037 – Ship not before (booking date)
    • 043 – Publication or date of change
    • 092 – First order date
    • 177 – Cancellation
    • 614 – First sales (Consumer availability date).

LIN Segment

  • One LIN segment is required for each UPC number.
  • Multiple UPC numbers may not be included on one LIN segment.
  • The LIN 05, 07, and 09 require specific codes for customized furniture ordering.

PID Segment

PID 04 Product Description Code

  • CL – Collateral
  • GW – Gift with Purchase
  • PP – UPC Prepack, use only if UPC is component of prepack
  • PW – Purchase with Purchase
  • MP – Multipack
  • RN – Merchandise Cannot be Reordered
  • RY – Merchandise Can be Reordered
  • PC – Prepack subject to change (The quantity of items may vary within the prepack)
  • PU – UPC Prepack.

PID05 Description (Origin)

  • ‘GM03ADVOIM’ Imported
  • ‘GM03ADVOMC’ Made in Canada
  • ‘GM03ADVOMU’ Made in the USA
  • ‘GM03ADVOUI’ Made in the USA and Imported
  • ‘GM03ADVOUO’ Made in the USA or Imported
  • ‘GM04ADVO99’ Made in another country.

TD Segment

TD401 Special Handling Code

  • ‘AH’ Humidity sensitive shipment
  • ‘DA’ Dangerous
  • ‘DNF’ Do not freeze
  • ‘FL’ Flammable
  • ‘FR’ Fragile-Handle with care
  • ‘KMD’ Keep material dry
  • ‘ORF’ Perishable
  • ‘MRF’ Refrigerated
  • ‘OTC’ Temperature control
  • ‘PFH’ Protect from heat.

G55 Segment

G5501 Product/Service Qualifier

  • ‘EN’ – EAN
  • ‘UP’ – UPC
  • ‘UK – GTIN.

CTP Segment

CTP02 Price Qualifier

  • CAT – Catalog Price
  • MSR – Manufacturer’s Suggested Price
  • UCP – Unit Cost Price.

Price sales information is required in GS1 832 format. To test the EDI 832 Price Sale Catalog document, contact the Macy’s EDI Support Center at (678) 474-3595. The common EDI 832 Price Sale Catalog segments are based on GS1 5010. Functional Acknowledgments are required from vendors for all documents sent by Macy’s.

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