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EDI 837 Claim And EDI 999, 277CA FAQs (Part 2)

EDI 837 Claim And EDI 999, 277CA are among other EDI transactions supported by Cigna. Cigna is currently using EDI 837 Claim And EDI 999, 277CA transactions in support of 5010 compliance and is committed to helping physicians and hospitals successfully use and implement EDI 837 Claim And EDI 999, 277CA. As a result of using EDI 837 Claim And EDI 999, 277CA, health care professionals and customers will benefit from even quicker and more accurate document processing.

Below in the blog we present one more portion of the Frequently Asked Questions about implementation of the EDI 837 Claim And EDI 999, 277CA by Cigna and its partners.

  • If I see a claim rejection reason that was not seen under 4010, was the claim rejected correctly?

There are some common, but valid rejections that may occur under HIPAA version 5010. View the list of these rejections and the actions you should take to resolve them for more details.

  • I received a communication saying I should use a single payer ID of 62308. Why is Cigna accepting old payer IDs?

While Cigna continues transition to a single payer ID, Cigna’s trading partners have agreed to accept old Cigna payer IDs to help improve the service experience.

  1. For medical and dental customers, use the payer ID on the patient’s ID card. If the ID card does not contain a payer ID, use 62308.
  2. For behavioral HMO claims, use SX071. For behavioral PPO claims, use 62308.
  3. For Arizona Medicare Advantage claims use payer ID 86033.
  4. Cigna will proceed with moving to a single payer ID in the second quarter of 2012.
  • If I use an old payer ID, do I need to submit the claim in version 4010?

No. You should continue to send 5010 claims. Your trading partner and Cigna will ensure timely and accurate processing of the claims.

  • How long will Cigna’s trading partners accept claims with old payer IDs?

You should expect to see a transition to one single Cigna payer ID (62308) in the coming months. You will receive notification about the transition to one single Cigna payer ID through your trading partner.

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