EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order

EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order Mapping Specification Notes

EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order extra mapping guides refer to receiving VICS 850 Purchase Orders from a vendor. Deviation from VICS retail industry conventions and guidelines for EDI format may negate Macy’s ability to receive data from its trading partners. EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order is required in VICS 850 spreadsheet format. If a vendor-generated Purchase Order is based on sales from a VICS 852 document, you must use the Purchase Order number(s) transmitted in that document. Inbound PO transmissions require a valid divisional PO number. Vendors should contact buying office if PO number is needed.

The following mapping notes are based on VICS 5010. Refer to individual manuals for differences in standards. To test EDI 850 Inbound Purchase Order document, contact the divisional EDI contact listed on the Technology Contact Listing (www.macysnet.com).

PO Segment

Vendors may transmit a maximum of 99,999 units in the PO102. Vendors may transmit a maximum of 9,999 units per UPC per store

PO105 Basis of Unit Cost

  • LD – Catalog Price Per Dozen
  • LE – Catalog Price For Each
  • NC – No Change
  • PR – Promotional Cost
  • QT – Quoted
  • TD – Contract Price Per Dozen
  • TE – Contract Price For Each
  • WD – Wholesale Price Per Dozen
  • WE – Wholesale Price For Each.

SLN Segment

  • SLN segment is only used for ordering in packs, in conjunction with the PO1 segment (see PO1 segment requirements above). Otherwise this segment is not required
  • SLN07 Basis of Unit Price:
    • LD – Catalog Price per Dozen
    • LE – Catalog Price for Each
    • NC – No Change
    • PR – Promotion
    • QT – Quoted
    • RE – Retail Price for Each
    • TD – Contract Price per Dozen
    • TE – Contract Price for Each
    • WD – Wholesale Price per Dozen
    • WE – Wholesale Price for Each
  • UPC Qualifier and Number can also be located in one of the following pairs of segments: SLN11 & 12, SLN13 & 14, SLN15 & 16, or SLN 17 & 18.

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