EDI 850 Purchase Order

EDI 850 Purchase Order Party City Vendor Guidelines

EDI 850 Purchase Order transaction set is used to place purchase orders. The transaction set will not be used to convey purchase order changes or purchase order acknowledgment information. The 850 PO transaction set contains all information contained on a hard copy PO. The quantity ordered will always be in selling units of measure. In addition, the 850 PO will contain the terms (payment and shipping) the trading partner must use for the order.

Invoicing with terms other than those contained on the 850 (PO) will be subject to reimbursement charges. Invoices and ASN’s must reflect selling units of measure as they appear on the Purchase Order. If this is not accurate, the invoices and ASN’s will be subject to reimbursement charges. Trading partners are required to transmit a 997 Functional Acknowledgement for all 850s within 24 hours of receipt.

Data fields for the 850 PO

Header Fields

  • PO Number
  • Buyer Code (Department Code)
  • AP Terms
  • PO Notes – 60 Char.
  • PO Date
  • Ship to – Store Name
  • Ship to – Store Number
  • Ship to – Ship Address
  • Ship to – City, State, Zip
  • Ship Via – usually TRG
  • Bill to Name and Address
  • Do not deliver before date – This is NOT the ship date
  • Cancel if not delivered by date
  • Vendor Number
  • Vendor Name
  • FOB – CC for Collect or PP for Prepaid

Detail Fields

  • PO Line Number
  • UPC
  • Case Pack ID
  • SKU
  • Vendor Product Description
  • Qty Ordered – selling units
  • UOM
  • Unit Price – up to 4 decimals
  • Retail Price
  • Total Purchase Order Amt

Any issues with your Party City PO in regards to the following should be addressed by a member of the respective Merchandising team within 24 hours of receipt of documents:

  • Pricing/Cost
  • Vendor Item Number
  • Vendor UPC
  • Orders not meeting minimums
  • Unavailability of product
  • Cancelled POs
  • Delivery date issues

The EDI team should only be notified if there is an EDI transmission error.

To learn more about EDI transactions and mapping and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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