EDI 855 Transmission

EDI 855 Transmission Requirements (Lowe’s  Vendors)

Lowe’s retrieves the EDI 855 documents throughout the day, but will process the 855 data at 6:30 pm ET Monday through Saturday. Lowe’s does not process 855 documents on Sunday. Any 855 documents received after this deadline will be processed the next evening (except Sunday).

Lowe’s purchase order system, as well as stores, receive the information on the evening the documents are processed, and Lowe’s can receive the merchandise the next day. If a vendor receives a call from Lowe’s store personnel inquiring about a shipment that has been delivered but the PO has not posted to the store’s system, the vendor should first verify the PO was transmitted. If it was transmitted, the vendor should contact Lowe’s Replenishment Specialist to determine why the order did not get processed and then resubmit the order. The vendor should not retransmit the PO until the reason the PO did not get processed the first time is identified; otherwise, the PO will reject again.

EDI 855 GS and ST segments

Because so many software packages are unable to send consecutive control numbers in the GS and ST segments that are document specific, Lowe’s will NOT be monitoring inbound control numbers to Lowe’s. Therefore please reconcile outbound 855’s to the inbound 997’s from Lowe’s. If you do not receive a 997, Lowe’s did not receive your 855’s.

EDI 855 Implementation Phases

Lowe’s has two implementation phases for the 855 document.

  1. Test – The vendor should coordinate with Lowe’s EDI Coordinator sending an 855 test document to Lowe’s. If the vendor has been approved to do changes and voids with Lowe’s, they will also need to send a change and a void to Lowe’s. For all test data, the ISA-15 should include a T for Test. Lowe’s EDI will review the raw data and communicate back to the vendor any issues found. Until all issues are resolved, the vendor will be asked to send another test 855 document. If no issues are found, the vendor will be moved to production.
  2. Production – All 855 documents are now processed through EDI only, no fax copy is required. In this stage, the 855 documents will go directly into our purchase order system. Any changes to a reverse PO that has already been transmitted must be phoned or faxed to the Inventory Specialist that is responsible for your product unless you have been approved and tested the change and void process. The vendor must remember to change the ISA-15 to a P for production. Lowe’s Communications ID and Qualifier – Lowe’s receiver id is 006097142 with a 01 qualifier for both test and production 855 data.

To learn more about EDI transactions and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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