EDI 856 Delhaize America

EDI 856 Delhaize America (DSD Pre-Delivery Ship Notice/Manifest)

EDI 856 Delhaize America is accepted from the vendor and used as a scheduled delivery ticket. This process will expedite the check-in procedure at the stores. EDI 856 Delhaize America must be received at Delhaize America company Headquarters through EDI no later than 2:00AM ET the day the product is scheduled for delivery in order for the Ship Notice to be used as a delivery ticket. Find some mapping tips for EDI 856 Delhaize America transaction segments.

BSN Beginning Segment for Ship Notice

  • If BSN07 is present, then BSN06 is required.
  • BSN03 is the date the shipment transaction set is created.
  • BSN04 is the time the shipment transaction set is created.
  • BSN06 is limited to shipment related codes.
  • BSN06 and BSN07 differentiate the functionality of use for the transaction set.

HL Hierarchical Level – Shipment Level

The HL segment is used to identify levels of detail information using a hierarchical structure, such as relating line-item data to shipment data, and packaging data to line-item data. The HL segment defines a top-down/left-right ordered structure.

  • HL01 shall contain a unique alphanumeric number for each occurrence of the HL segment in the transaction set. For example, HL01 could be used to indicate the number of occurrences of the HL segment, in which case the value of HL01 would be “1” for the initial HL segment and would be incremented by one in each subsequent HL segment within the transaction.
  • HL02 identifies the hierarchical ID number of the HL segment to which the current HL segment is subordinate.
  • HL03 indicates the context of the series of segments following the current HL segment up to the next occurrence of an HL segment in the transaction. For example, HL03 is used to indicate that subsequent segments in the HL loop form a logical grouping of data referring to shipment, order, or item-level information.
  • HL04 indicates whether or not there are subordinate (or child) HL segments related to the current HL segment.

REF Reference Information

  • REF02: The distributor/vendor number assigned by Delhaize America. This value can be a minimum of 4 positions to a maximum of 9 positions (alpha numeric values). All vendors who participate in the CAO DSD program must return the Delhaize America 8-digit vendor number.
  • At least one of REF02 or REF03 is required.
  • If either C04003 or C04004 is present, then the other is required.
  • If either C04005 or C04006 is present, then the other is required.
  • REF04 contains data relating to the value cited in REF02.

N1 Party Identification – Ship To Location Information

  • N104 67 Identification Code: DSD CAO vendors can return either the four-digit store number (without the zero at the beginning) or the five-digit store number (with the zero at the beginning)

LIN Item Identification

  • LIN02 through LIN31 provide for fifteen different product/service IDs for each item. For example: Case, Color, Drawing No., U.P.C. No., ISBN No., Model No., or SKU.
  • LIN02 Product/Service ID Qualifier:
    • UI – U.P.C. Consumer Package Code (1-5-5)
    • UK – GTIN 14-digit Data Structure Data structure for the 14 digit EAN.UCC (EAN International.Uniform Code Council) Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
    • UP – UCC – 12 Data structure for the 12 digit EAN.UCC (EAN International.Uniform Code Council) Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN). Also known as the Universal Product Code (U.P.C.).

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