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Standard Carton Pack Structure (856 ASN)

The Standard Carton Pack structure should be used in an environment where identical SKUs are packed within one or more physical shipping containers [e.g.,12 blue twin-size sheets (one U.P.C.)]. The transaction hierarchy is:

  • Shipment,
  • Order,
  • Item, and
  • Packaging (Tare and Pack).

Carton Pack Structure

In this structure, the Item level is subordinate to the Order and the Packaging levels are subordinate to the Item level [e.g., the specification of the shipping containers is always within the SKU (Item level)]. Once the SKU is specified, then all the shipping containers for the SKUs are identified.

Identical SKUs packed within a shipping container:

  • Pack or tare is the lowest level
  • Packaging is subordinate to the item level.

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