EDI 864 Text Message (Party City)

EDI 864 Text MessageVendors must be capable of exchanging Party City EDI 864 Text Message via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmittals. All vendors must be able to process EDI documents. Vendor must verify the accuracy of, and adhere to, all data on all EDI transactions that are sent electronically.

EDI 864 Text Message transaction set can be used to provide users with a capability to electronically move messages, contracts, explanations, and other one-time communications. It is the intent of this transaction set to provide electronic communication (messages) for people, not for computer processing. The transaction set’s purpose for Party City is to provide communication to the recipient in some human-readable form to relay information regarding Product Safety Requirements. The recipient’s network will dictate what capabilities are available for delivery of the information.

Data Segments

ISA Interchange Control Header
GS Functional Group Header
ST Transaction Set Header
BMG Beginning Segment For Text Message
DTM Date/Time Reference
N1 Loop Name
N1 Name
REF Reference Identification
MIT Loop Message Identification
MIT Message Identification
MSG Message Text
SE Transaction Set Trailer
GE Functional Group Trailer
IEA Interchange Control Trailer.

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