EDI 864

EDI 864 Transaction within the bounds of the customer program

EDI 864  Text Message set transmits codes, table descriptions, and other onetime communications from the telecommunications service provider to the customer. Such codes and tables may be required by the customer to interpret various data elements sent in the Consolidated Service Invoice/Statement (811) transaction set or to correctly encode service requests. The Heading Area provides the text provider’s (sender’s) and recipient’s identification, as well as the message’s nature. The Heading contains the message type for which a description is being provided, effective date and time, and an administrative contact name and number. The BMG identifies the transaction set’s nature, whether for table information or text messages. The Detail Area provides the code and its descriptive text to further support the transaction set’s message type. Miscellaneous text may also be provided for one-time communications, such as promotional information or messages required by regulatory bodies. The Summary Area contains the transmitted segments’ count (including the ST and SE segments) and indicates the end of the transaction set.

AT&T uses the 864 transaction set to provide USOC information to the EDI 811 customer. The transaction set contains unique USOCs presented within the customer’s 811 billing information and customer service record detail. The USOC information is formatted to one EDI 864 transaction set per customer interchange (ISA). The MIT loop is created for each unique USOC. The reference identification in MIT01 is the USOC. The MSG segment contains the USOC description. All EDI 811 customers receive the 864 transaction set (with the exception of summary billed EDI). The 811 and 864 transaction sets are enveloped within the same interchange.

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