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Dot Foods EDI 867 Integration: Trading Partner Experience

The list of steps for successful EDI 867 integration described in this blog is based on the Dot Foods partners’ recommendations. It should be mentioned, that these tips are provided as a guideline (they may not work for all systems).

867 EDI Integration Steps

  1. The supplier should create a customer cross-reference table to link the Dot customer/ship-to number to the appropriate internal customer number in their system.
  2. The supplier should set up all Dot Foods’ customers in their system, including customers who are not currently buying on a direct basis.
  3. The supplier should set the credit limit on indirect customers to zero so that if the customer later decides to order on a direct basis, the system will automatically indicate that a credit check must be performed at that time.
  4. When bringing the 867’s into their system, suppliers should by-pass the order processing system and instead send the data directly to the sales reporting/commissions system.
  5. The supplier should design reports based on direct sales only, indirect sales only, and direct & indirect sales combined. The sales data should be provided to the supplier’s sales force on at least a weekly basis and should be made available online if possible.
  6. On license fee & commission statements, the supplier should list the Dot invoice number, the customer name, location (city, state), and the items sold on each invoice to expedite the reconciliation process for the brokers & buying groups.

EDI 867 Product Transfer and Resale Basics

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