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Lowe’s sending EDI 997 to Trading Partners

EDI 997 is also used by Lowe’s to transmit acknowledgments to its trading partners to confirm receipt of all inbound EDI transactions.

Lowe’s will return an EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment to the Trading Partner within 15-minutes from receiving the EDI transaction from the Trading Partner. One 997 transaction will be transmitted to the Trading Partner for each Group of documents sent to Lowe’s. This excludes sending a 997 for EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgments received by Lowe’s.

Lowe’s will send a Summary 997 (AK1 and AK9) to acknowledge each Group of transactions received from the Trading Partner. A Detail 997 (AK1, AK2, AK5, and AK9) can be sent to the Trading Partner when the Trading Partner notifies Lowe’s EDI Team to setup the 997 at the detail level to acknowledge receipt for each of their inbound EDI documents sent to Lowe’s. The EDI 997 confirms the contents of the received documents were syntactically correct. It is not a confirmation of application level data, such as pricing, terms, discounts, etc.

When Lowe’s returns a 997 with a status other than ‘Accepted’, the 997 may indicate an error, partially accepted, or rejected. For example, if there are data discrepancies with the 810 Invoice data, the EDI 997 that Lowe’s returns for the 810 may include an ‘E’ to indicate the 810 data was in error. The ‘E’ may be included in the AK901 within a summary level 997 or in the AK5 and AK9 within a detail level 997. The level is based on each Trading Partner’s EDI profile within Lowe’s system. Note for the 810 errors, the Trading Partner should use the 997 and the EDI 824 to identify the data errors and submit the entire 810 Invoice after it has been corrected.

When the 997 contains a value other than ‘Accepted’ and the Trading Partner does not recognize the data issue in order to resend it to Lowe’s, the Trading Partner should contact Lowe’s business team to research the discrepancy. The AK3 and AK4 segments may also be included to provide additional information on the rejected transaction. Typically, when the 997 includes a reject status, the Trading Partner should receive additional emails from Lowe’s EDI Team that provides specific details on the data error to assist the Trading Partner address the issue.

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