EDI 997 Monitoring

EDI 997 Monitoring (Lowe’s Requirements)

The Trading Partner should monitor the receipt of the EDI 997 to reconcile them with their EDI transactions sent to Lowe’s. If the Trading Partner does not receive the EDI 997, this means Lowe’s did not receive the Trading Partner’s EDI transaction. When this occurs, the Trading Partner should track the transaction within their internal systems to identify the issue and transmit it to Lowe’s.

Lowe’s EDI 997 Monitoring

Lowe’s will notify the Trading Partner via email if the 997 is not received within 24-hours from the time the EDI transaction is transmitted to the Trading Partner. The Trading Partner should respond to the notification as instructed within the email on the unacknowledged transactions. Lowe’s EDI Team reviews 997s for compliance. The 997 is not passed to Lowe’s business team.

If a Trading Partner releases the 997 transaction with a ‘Partial’ or ‘Rejected’ status, this requires a manual follow-up with the Trading Partner by Lowe’s EDI Team who will in turn refer the Trading Partner to the business team and will be required to manually post an acknowledgment within Lowe’s EDI system. To eliminate manual intervention for Lowe’s EDI Team, the EDI 997 should be used by the Trading Partner only to indicate when the received documents are syntactically correct. For all other errors, the Trading Partner should address the data issues with Lowe’s business team.

When the Trading Partner sends a 997 transaction with a status other than ‘Accepted’, and a second 997 is sent with an ‘Accepted’ status, this still requires manual processing for Lowe’s EDI Team. Lowe’s appreciates its Trading Partners building their 997 transactions to include only the ‘Accepted’ status to confirm receipt of the EDI transaction and handling all data content discrepancies with Lowe’s Business Team. One Document Type per Interchange.

When sending inbound documents to Lowe’s, an interchange should include only one document type. For example, do not include 810s with 997s. Multiples of the same document type can be included in an interchange but the type of documents should not be mixed. Only 997s should be included in an interchange when sending the Functional Acknowledgment.

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