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EDI Academy was founded in response to a need our clients expressed for someplace where they could gain a basic understanding of the EDI process and become more knowledgeable about EDI from both a strategic and an implementation perspective. The final month of 2015 in EDI Academy showed that the year was full of new visitors, topics discussed and plans for the future classes. EDI Academy courses mean a response to constantly growing need for comprehensive EDI trainings and upraising the qualification of EDI specialists. The courses cover all EDI aspects in most industries and are provided nationwide.

Classes planned for 2016 will cover learning about EDI fundamentals, mapping practice, American and European EDI standards, advanced courses concerning EDI in all industries and extra custom cases for healthcare.

EDI Academy releases new courses

The experience of the previous years reported the high demand for more specified and profound EDI trainings, so in 2016 we announce two new advanced courses:

  1. Advanced EDI Training All Industries (Advanced EDI Business Concepts; Advanced EDI Mapping).
  2. Advanced HIPAA EDI Training All Industries (Enrollment, Eligibility and Prior/Referral Authorizations; Payments, Encounters and Billing; Open Forum For Your Needs).

The above mentioned classes will give more understanding of EDI operation in E-commerce, Finance, Inventory, Sales and Transportation and show the best examples and cases in mapping (Advanced EDI Training All Industries). Advanced HIPAA EDI Training All Industries will cover advanced EDI mapping exercises and speaking about the most common EDI transactions in health care branch. In the end all attendees will have a chance to discuss their EDI challenges, all possible solutions and benefits.

EDI Academy 2016: Open new horizons for managing your business

In the coming year EDI Academy professionals are aimed at giving all training attendees as more profound information and skilled workshops as possible. Each year we get acquainted with new members such as business owners, managers, IT and EDI Department staff and people who want to run their business more effectively. Our courses are tailored the way to be both informative and comprehensive. EDI professionals from USA, Canada and Europe leave positive feedbacks and sign in for new courses regularly. EDI Academy classes are usually visited by specialists working in such branches as finance, healthcare, retail, education, aerospace, manufacturing etc. EDI Academy professionals gained their expertise during years of working in EDI sphere and learning new methods and ways of EDI industrial implementation and release. This all gives our attendees a possibility to receive profound up-to-date information and best practices in EDI.

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