EDI Academy 2017 Results and 2018 Plans

EDI Academy is one of the leading USA companies providing Electronic Data Interchange education in the USA and Canada. The previous year has proved this again – it was quite successful for our team.

  • 24 regular trainings where conducted and our students learned basics of EDI, its role in modern business, EDI implementation in different industries, practiced best real-world examples and discussed pending EDI issues.
  • We have successfully released our instructor-led webinars – a very comfortable way of learning EDI according to your personal schedule and without leaving your office or home.
  • In 2017 the EDI Viewer was developed and released to the public. EDI Viewer is an essential instrument for all involved in EDI. This product gives the possibility to convert EDI files into a human-readable format without difficulties.
  • Some changes were made on our web-page – now it’s more comfortable and easy to use it and register for the chosen course.

EDI AcademyEDI Academy is a constantly developing company. Our team has already started working on our 2018 plans – first of all, we will focus on our clients’ needs and demands. EDI Academy will present more online webinars that will be divided into many topics so you can choose the most needed and interesting lessons for yourself. Also we will give you the possibility to become a certificated EDI specialist without leaving your place – you only have to sign up and pass all online sessions in the chosen course.

In 2018 our team is going to speak more about everything connected to EDI in our blog. You will find more integration tips, special mapping guidelines, implementation scenarios and future EDI trends. Also, we will post the news on our Facebook page so sign up to stay tuned!

To prepare and give you more useful information in 2018 we would like to hear your feedbacks. You can always contact us and comment on our blog and Facebook posts to become nearer. Together we can become better.

See you at the next EDI Academy event!

EDI Academy team

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