EDI Acknowledgements

EDI Acknowledgements and Reports (AHCCCS)

AHCCCS will respond to all transactions with the creation of the standard Acknowledgement response files as defined in the HIPAA Implementation Guides. EDI system will not reject the whole file but will be split to good/bad records. An acknowledgement is produced accordingly and the good documents will continue for further processing.

TA1 Interchange Acknowledgement

The TA1 acknowledgment is used by AHCCCS to notify the Trading Partners of problems found only in the envelope of the X12 interchange control structure.

999 Implementation Acknowledgement for Health Care Insurance

The 999 Functional Acknowledgement is used by AHCCCS to acknowledge receipt of functional group that has passed translator edits. It also reports functional group that has failed translator edits or standard syntax errors.

277CA Health Care Claim Acknowledgement

The 277CA is an acknowledgement to an 837 claim/encounter transaction at the pre-adjudication stage. This transaction identifies claims/encounters that are accepted or rejected for adjudication. A summary level as well as an individual claim/encounter level pre-adjudication status is included in the 277CA.

824 Applications Reporting for Insurance

The 824 acknowledgement is used by AHCCCS to report syntactical problems or data structure errors.

Acknowledgement File Name Examples

Each of the acknowledgement reports will have the file extension corresponding to the type of transaction. For example, a 999 acknowledgement will end with .999. A variety of extensions will be used in the following examples solely to demonstrate this. One exception to this is the NCPDP PAH 2.2 file acknowledgement. Acknowledgement Examples:

  • 837 Claims (FFS)


  • 837 Encounters (ENC)


  • 270


  • 276


  • 278


NCPDP PAH 2.2 Acknowledgements

Correct files that are accepted will simply add “ACK” to the first section of the filename. For Example:
AZENACK_HP123456_2016052617290989_AZNCPDP1100070401052316.002.TXT (this is the original filename).

Incorrect files that are rejected will also add the “ACK” to the first section of the filename, and add the word REJECT to the end of the filename just before the extension. For Example:

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