Hibbett EDI Advanced Ship Notice

Hibbett EDI Advanced Ship Notice Guides

Merchandise will move through the Hibbett Wholesale and Logistics Facility directly from the inbound truck via a sortation / conveyor system (AKA cross-dock) on to the destination store delivery truck. This is possible only when merchandise is 100% pre-ticketed and shipments are consistently accurate.

  1. Before sending an ASN (856) to Hibbett, the vendor must first complete the Hibbett EDI Implementation Program. Testing will not begin until a vendor is providing 100% pre-ticketed (Hibbett retail / UPC barcode) shipments and a UPC catalog through Opentext (formerly GXS).
  2. All EDI shipments to the Logistics Facility require a routing request for the EXACT number of cartons in the shipment and a corresponding ASN.
  3. The ASN must be an accurate representation of each shipment (i.e. carton count, cube and weight). Each carton should contain merchandise for only one purchase order and one store destination. A vendor offset expense will apply for failure to comply.
  4. Hibbett requires an ASN (856) with item level information, reported in eaches, for every carton shipped (for both SDQ and SLN segment POs). The ASN must be an accurate representation of the shipment.

To learn more about EDI implementation guidelines and become a certified EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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