EDI All Industries

EDI All Industries Training (Chicago, Il, November 07-09, 2017)

EDI All Industries training will be conducted by EDI Academy on November 07-09, 2017 in Chicago, Il. Find below the course description. More info and sign up form on http://ediacademy.com/CourseSchedule.aspx

EDI Fundamentals Training

  1. History and Origin of EDI
  2. Major EDI Advances
  3. How EDI is applied in different industries
  4. The Business Need for EDI
  5. Introduction to EDI standards
  6. EDI Components Overview
  7. EDI Communications – VANS, Internet EDI, AS2, FTP
  8. Document Tracking and Monitoring Concepts
  9. EDI Software and Hardware Technology Environment

EDI Translation and Business Application Training

  1. EDI Mapping and Translation Scenarios – EDI to Flat File, CSV, XML
  2. Analyzing EDI Implementation Guidelines
  3. Common Mapping Barriers
  4. Business Application Integration
  5. Strategies for Successful EDI Implementation
  6. Transaction samples during registration e.g. 210,214,940,944)997, 850, 855, 860, 870 810, 856, 820 (attendees may request more)
  7. Deciphering Popular EDI Transactions element-by-element:
  8. Chargeback Management.

Advanced EDI Business Concepts: EDI for E-Commerce, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Transportation.

Advanced EDI Mapping

File Specification Creation
A file specification is a critical success factor for any EDI project. We will analyze an EDI mapping specs for three EDI transactions.

Loops and Nested Loops
In this section we’ll cover loops and nested loops. In addition, we will discuss the HL segment (hierarchy level). We’ll explain how to structure and set the same maximum usage (loops) on the input and output side of the map.

XML Mapping
In this segment of the Advanced EDI mapping class we will conduct XML-EDI and EDI-XML mapping.

Mapping Best Practices:
In this section you will learn a lot of mapping best practices (e.g. connecting elements/segments at the same hierarchal level, how to map from numeric fields to numeric fields, date-to-date, string-to \-string etc.).

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