edi webinarsEDI AS2 Information Exchange Testing (Party City Partner Relationship)

EDI AS2 Information Exchange first step is the EDI TP Questionnaire. The AS2 certificate is part of the
information exchange. A test schedule will need to be established to meet the two week requirement for completion of testing AS2 connectivity, 850, 810, 856, and 997 and providing a copy of the GS1-128 label.

A complete system test is required with the trading partner and Party City verifying the accuracy of the exchange of data. This test also determines compliance with any unique conditions that have been mutually agreed upon by the partners.

From a technical standpoint, the purpose of the complete system test is to verify the following capabilities:

  • The ability to send and receive transmissions to and from the trading partner
  • The translation of documents to and from trading partner
  • The ability to process the output from the translation process
  • The generation of the Functional Acknowledgment (997)
  • GS1-128 Label compliance

The testing process will consist of Party City sending an 850 (PO) to verify the data is correct and the mapping is able to translate the data correctly. The 850 (PO) must be accepted and the 997 Functional Acknowledgement returned to Party City. Additionally, Party City requires each PO/Shipment be accompanied by the 856 (ASN) and the 810 (Invoice) EDI documents and the GS1-128 label that would be attached to each carton matching data sent via EDI in the 856 transmission.

Testing is complete after all parties have agreed to the successful exchange of data and verification of the data and the GS1-128 label. The EDI live date will be then established to trade documents in production.

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