EDI ASN 856 Requirements For Fred’s Merchandise Shipments

EDI ASN 856 is required for all product shipped to a FRED’S DC. EDI ASN 856 is an EDI transaction used to confirm the configuration of a shipment of goods as well as additional information relating to the shipment. EDI ASN 856 transaction will describe the shipment at the pallet, tier or case level, and will include such information as lot numbers, pack dates, expiration dates, and the net weight for catch weight items.

Complete and accurate ASN’s will preserve the efficiencies built into the product receiving process at a Distribution Center. The ASN is required to be received prior to the shipment’s arrival at the FRED’S Distribution Center(s). As a guideline, the ASN should be sent once product leaves your facility to ensure receipt in the FRED’S warehouse management system prior to receipt of the product.

Suppliers and Vendors must contact the FRED’S EDI department with technical questions pertaining to ASN transmissions. Suppliers and Vendors that have not tested the required EDI transmissions are required to email the EDI department with a request to set up a date and time to test new EDI transmissions.

UPC Bar Codes are required on all Product(s)

FRED’S DC operations use the UPC bar code to receive product in the DC’s. Individual products and/or master cartons from each trailer load and SKU type are opened and the UPC barcode(s) on the selling unit are scanned into FRED’S DC inventory. UPC bar codes must be on all selling units for receipt into the FRED’S DC.

A Bill of Lading (BOL) is required to accompany every shipment to FRED’S Distribution Centers (s) and must comply with the U. S. Department of Transportation regulations. Carriers will only use FRED’S purchase order numbers to make appointments for DISTRIBUTION CENTER loads. They will not have access or use any other confirmation, release, or supplier order number to set up appointments.

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