ASN transaction

Cases when ASN transaction is not acknowledged

There can be situations when an EDI 856 transaction is not acknowledged. First, you should contact the retailer or EDI service provider to determine the problem. Based on the process outlined by the retailer, fix and resend the ASN/s. Then determine cause of failure.

ASN transactions are Rejected: Identify and fix the errors

  • The FA will indicate the position of the errant data, a code for the type of error and a copy of the data in error.
  • Some retailer’s EDI systems will reject an ASN when it finds the first error and some systems will go on to find additional errors in the ASN. Understand how the retailer processes a rejected FA.
  • Fix the error/s in the source data (see “Fixing Errors”).
  • Use different control numbers so the resends can be tracked (acknowledged).
  • Timing is critical; try to resend the ASN before the shipment arrives.
  • Determine the root cause of the error.

Transaction is Accepted with Errors: Steps

  • Contact the retailer to determine if a new transaction should be sent.
  • If the errors should be fixed and the ASN resent, see “Rejected”, above.
  • If the retailer is notifying you of the error for future reference and does not want a resend, determine and fix root cause.

Source: RVCF Supplier Guide Summary

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