EDI transaction

EDI Basics: Format, Translation, and Control Numbers

The Technical Components for an EDI message include:

  • The ISX record is an optional component which indicates that the transmission contains qualifiers from other EDI versions, a foreign language or special characters.
  • An EDI transaction is made up of the Interchange, Group, and Document (Transaction) sections.
  • Control numbers are assigned to each section so it can be tracked.
  • The outer Interchange envelop (ISA) indicates who the transmission is from and to.
  • The Group component indicates the start and stop section for a group of like Documents.
  • The Document component includes Header, Detail and Summary sections for each document.
  • They are made up of segments of data such as Date/Time or Item Information.
  • Within the segments are individual elements of information such as Item Description, Unit of Measure, Price and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

Segments and Elements can be mandatory, conditional or optional.

  • Mandatory data includes segments of data that, according the ANSI standards, must be present in a transaction, such as the segment providing the Line Item Detail in a PO.
    • While segments of data might be optional, elements within those segments may be mandatory.
    • For instance, if you use an optional Date / Time Segment, it is mandatory to qualify the date sent (identify it as the PO Date, Ship Date, etc.).
  • Conditional data is information that must be present when certain data elements are used, whether those elements are mandatory or optional.
    • An example is a measurement (height or width) which, when used, must also include the Unit of Measure.
  • Optional data is information that is not required by ANSI EDI standards. It may, however, be required by a retailer. The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) is an example.

* Source: RVCF Supplier Guide Summary

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