EDI Features

Essential EDI Features

EDI transactions are essential to B2B processes and continue to be the preferred means to exchange documents and transactions between businesses both small and large.

There are five key business benefits that EDI technology delivers through automation and B2B integration:

  • EDI technology saves time and money through automation of a process previously manually executed with paper documents.
  • EDI solutions improve efficiency and productivity because more business documents are shared and processed in less time with greater accuracy.
  • EDI data transfer reduces errors through rigid standardization, which helps to ensure information and data are correctly formatted before they enter business processes or applications.
  • EDI integration improves traceability and reporting because electronic documents can be integrated with a range of IT systems to support data collection, visibility and analysis.
  • EDI automation supports positive customer experiences by enabling efficient transaction execution and prompt, reliable product and service delivery.

For large organizations, EDI enables standards to be instituted across trading partners to achieve benefits consistently. For smaller organizations, adherence to EDI offers greater integration with larger firms that have big budgets and strong influence.

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