EDI Best Practices

Vendor-Neutral EDI Education For All Industries and Health Care

EDI Academy has been providing Electronic Data Interchange for more than 15 years. It elevates the adoption of EDI and opens new job opportunities for those who became EDI Academy Certified Professionals. 

👉 15 years on the market

👉 10 000+ attendees

👉 12 training classes 

👉 EDI Certification (CEDIAP®)

👉 Vendor-neutral and software-agnostic.

Benefits of the training

✔️ You can choose one or several training classes or get the full-stack training in a bundle

✔️ Training bundles for all industries and Health Care (HIPAA)

✔️ Start from basics and dive into a profound knowledge step by step

✔️ Working on real-life mapping scenarios together with an instructor

✔️ EDI best practices you can easily apply to your business

✔️ Opportunity to become a CEDIAP® (EDI Academy Certified Professional)

✔️ Custom on-site training for companies is available.

 You will have a live conversation with an instructor and attendees, sharing your practice and learning from others.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified EDI Professional, please visit our course schedule page.

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