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EDI Billing Products (Ameritech): EDI Detail Bill and EDI Bill Payment

EDI Billing Products by Ameritech include EDI Summary Bill, EDI Detail Bill and EDI Bill Payment. We discussed EDI Summary Bill in our previous post. Below – brief description of EDI Detail Bill and EDI Bill Payment.

EDI Detail Bill

The EDI Detail Bill is sent to Ameritech EDI trading partners using the ANSI X12 811 Transaction Set. The objective of the EDI Detail Bill is to provide Ameritech trading partners complete billing information in an electronic format. Ameritech trading partners who intend to perform detail analysis of telecommunication usage and billing are the intended subscribers of this product offering. The EDI Detail Bill is offered at no charge (with the eventual elimination of the paper bill) to the trading partner when delivered through the Ameritech Gateway.

The EDI Detail Bill contains three sections. The header section contains account information such as invoice number, invoice date and invoice terms. The detail section contains bill section subtotals for each service provider with supporting detail information such as Toll Call detail, Optional Calling Plan information. Other Charges and Credit line items, Directory Assistance information and other billing data. The Summary section contains bill balance, payment and adjustment amounts. A detailed description of this product is provided in Section 4.4 of the 811 Transaction Set Implementation Guide.

EDI Bill Payment

The EDI bill payment is sent to Ameritech from their EDI trading partners using the ANSI X12 820 transaction set. The EDI bill payment uses a process known as EDI/EFT or Financial EDI, whereby the 820 transaction is routed through banks capable of processing EDI transactions (known as Value Added Banks, or VABs). While Ameritech does not charge for this service, the trading partners bank may charge a fee for EDI/EFT transaction processing. The EDI bill payment can be used in conjunction with the EDI Detail Bill or EDI Summary Bill.

The EDI bill payment also contains three sections. The header section contains payee and payer information including the total payment amount. The detail section contains information on one or more invoices that are to be paid by this transaction. The summary section contains transaction control information only. This 820 Implementation Guide provides all of the details on Ameritech’s EDI Payment Program.

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