EDI BOL (Bill of Landing) Guidelines for McLane Suppliers

EDI BOL (Bill of Landing)  must show the proper classification description as stated in the National Motor Freight Classification Tariff. EDI BOL

Each EDI BOL must list all purchase orders for the same McLane distribution center address, which must be placed on all cartons and on the bill of lading.The purchase order number may be shown on the pallet rather than on each carton. The pallet must be shrink-wrapped or banded to ensure that the pallet unit arrives intact at our distribution center. A packing slip must be attached to the outside of the last box loaded on the trailer for each purchase order. A copy of the packing slip should be attached to the bill of lading and given to the driver. If there are multiple purchase orders on a truckload shipment, each purchase order must be loaded separately.

EDI BOL (Bill of Lading) is required to accompany every shipment to McLane Company. Each EDI BOL (Bill of Lading) must be complete including the McLane purchase order number and due to arrive. The following data is required by USDOT to be included on the EDI BOL:

  • Supplier Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Consignee Name
  • Consignee Address
  • Special Instructions
  • Number of Packages
  • Description of Articles, Packages, Markings, and/or Exceptions
  • Weight
  • Shipper Signature
  • Time and Date Tendered
  • Carrier Name
  • Driver Name and Signature.

McLane Company also requires the following information to be located on the BOL:

  • McLane Company Purchase Order Number
  • Qty Shipped per Item and Total
  • Pallet Count • Load Temp (Maintain at)
  • Load Number (Supplier’s unique Load Number Identifier)
  • Carrier Obligation Responsibility-Freight Terms (FOB Buyer’s Truck Shipper Load, Count and Seal)
  • Pallet Quantity (for exchange, CHEP or iGPS).

Should you have any additional questions regarding EDI integration for McLane suppliers visit previous posts in the blog.

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