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EDI Case Studies – Helpful Instrument For EDI Starters

EDI case studies presented in today’s blog may be a helpful information for companies that are thinking about EDI implementation. EDI case studies can be used as basic examples for deploying EDI solution at one’s business. However, it doesn’t mean that the given samples are strict for application. They are given just for information and can be used as a source of business ideas. For successful EDI integration at your company you should learn EDI features more thoroughly.

Retail Company

Business objectives:

  • Maintain track record of sustained growth
  • Shield the organisation from the complexities of electronic trading
  • Concentration on core areas of expertise


  1. Increase range of EDI documents exchanged to meet market and customer requirements
  2. Outsource the complexity and skills required to successful trade electronically in a fast moving industry


  • Internal resources and skills freed up to concentrate on their core business
  • Able to grow private label business as a result of flexibility and scalability offered by their B2B provider
  • Accuracy and timeliness provided with electronic trading is vital to future development and expansion

Bakery manufacture and shop

Business objectives:

  • Introduction of an automated order-to-invoice system to enable the company to service increasing customer demand from large supermarkets


  1. Implementation of electronic order system using an online web form solution
  2. Automation of key business process without cost or complexity


  • The online web form solution has enabled the company to take on and service new customer stores with ease and confidence
  • Able to better plan production with a more consistent product outcome
  • Growth of business with major supermarket chain resulting in extra sales and better product availability for this key customer

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