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EDI Case Study Examples

EDI Case Study is one of the most interesting topics that can be discussed between EDI professionals. EDI Case Study research helps to see a potential business objective and its real-life solution. Find below a couple of EDI Case Study examples – an integrated trading platform and a developing grocery wholesaler.

Integrated trading platform implementation


  • To improve visibility and process controls
  • To consolidate business units, customers and suppliers into one integrated trading platform

Integration steps:

  1. Implementation of an integrated messaging platform to connect systems without human intervention
  2. Mapping and translation outsource to enhance productivity and responsiveness
  3. Electronic exchange of business documents providing visibility and process controls


  • Reduction in costs
  • Consolidated IT infrastructure
  • Improved competitiveness
  • Established international business relationships
  • Business became closer to customers
  • Significant growth in the number of online transactions
  • Improved operational efficiencies across the enterprise
  • Improved competitive position in the market

Developing grocery wholesaler

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