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Become a certified EDI Professional at EDI Academy

We are sure that technology should serve the business. EDI is the solution that transforms your entrepreneurship and your professional competency and brings them to a higher level.

  • If you are a business owner, EDI brings you obvious benefits such as lower operating costs, business cycle improvement, reduce human error, enhance transaction security and increase efficiency.
  • If you are a specialist working with EDI or related technologies, you will get to the next level of professional development, your financial and personal growth.

We make EDI easy to master, giving you profound knowledge and best practices. EDI Academy education is vendor neutral and is confirmed by certification.

For whom:

  • Business Owners. Small to middle companies that want to transform business to higher technological level – increase the operational efficiency, reduce cost and manual interruption, speed-up processes, make processes management transparent, connect easily to EDI capable partners.
  • Managers. IT, EDI, Technology etc. Managers, Heads of Departments, Team Leads.┬áLeaders who want to raise the professional level of team members, educate and adapt new specialists.
  • Specialists (New to EDI). Team members who do not have experience in EDI. Need training because of work or employer requirements, or want to shift to another position.
  • Specialists (Already in EDI). Already have experience in EDI. Want to go deeper, widen the expertise, get practical cases, interested in certification.

If you are in one of the listed categories, EDI training by the EDI Academy is right for you. Complete all webinars and become a certified EDI professional.

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