EDI Certification

EDI Certification (Partner Compliance Checking)

EDI Partner Certification (Compliance Checking) is a bundle of steps aimed to passing technical and informational compliance and meeting business partner requirements. The results of EDI Partner Certification show that a new trading partner satisfies the set requirements, its technical and informational resources are approved by the organization and a new partner can start a business relationships.

Certification can be done regarding EDI software and hardware that trading partners use for Electronic Data Interchange communication. Keeping business partners compliant is a critical activity that requires passing certain steps. Usually a company that requires compliance checking has a set of demands to be accepted by a new partner. Most of them are described in trading partner manuals, trading partner agreements and in other resources on their website. Maintaining valuable partner relationships while holding partners certified can be a difficult balancing act.

Sensitive EDI Partner Certification and compliance issues including home and abroad companies can be effectively managed across a broad range of channels (departments) and special compliance teams.

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