EDI Class New-York All Industries was successfully held by EDI Academy on May, 10-12. Small-group trainings were hosted at Marriott Marquis NYC

EDI Class New-YorkThe general course EDI Class New-York All Industries provided by EDI Academy is one of the popular courses as it gives a common overview of electronic data interchange and deeper understanding of EDI processes. The course consists of two parts: general two-days class “EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices” and advanced one-day workshop “Mapping and Best Practices”.

What makes EDI Academy the most comfortable place for learning EDI is a thoroughly thought educational approach. The EDI Class New-York was divided into two parts – general and advanced. However the general course itself gives profound knowledge for further successful implementation of the received material. The advanced EDI Class New-York is interesting both for beginners and for those EDI specialists who deals with mapping practice. Visiting both classes gives you a full image of EDI in modern business and helps to outline all its benefits for your business.

Another positive feature which EDI Class New-York All Industries brings is that the material will be interesting for managers and business owners who are thinking about implementation of modern e-commerce solutions. You acquire a thorough understanding of EDI fundamentals, know how best to overcome major EDI challenges, and the correct application of current best practices. All the scenarios, case studies, examples and best practices are from real world EDI professionals. Being an up-to-date technology, EDI can bring much profit to business, whether it is a small manufacturer or a giant retailer.

EDI Class New-York students are people from different industries, from different company departments and with different preparation level. Our students always get answers to all their questions connected with EDI usage. EDI Academy visitors represent major international companies and their positive feedbacks are available at our web-site.

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