EDI Communication

EDI Communication (Myer Supplier Standards And Requirements)

EDI Communication with Myer is driven by fully electronic messages moving the information (EDI – electronic data interchange transactions) associated with these products. This includes purchase orders, advanced ship notices (ASN’s), Logistics (SSCC) carton/fashion bag labels and retail GTIN (EAN) price tickets.  Myer is committed to trading via EDI and are working with its Suppliers to ensure that they are given the necessary support and time to implement Electronic Trading throughout the Supply Chain.

The EDI components include how purchase orders are sent and received by the supplier. It includes how the products are picked, packed and physically moved from Myer  suppliers, through the Myer Supply Chain to its stores and made ready for sale to Myer customers. It also covers the electronic payment cycle to suppliers for goods received via EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer. EDI is about eliminating manual processes and paperwork by replacing them with electronic transactions. These transactions are predominantly ordering and receipt of the merchandise. A high level of co-operation with trading partners is essential to ensure processes and technology is running efficiently. Myer is committed to developing strong relationships with the suppliers post implementation to monitor performance and develop process improvement opportunities. Myer will report on Supplier ASN performance, and provide automated notification of any ASN errors to suppliers and or their selected third party providers to monitor performance.

Potential Process / Technology changes

Effective implementation of the Myer EDI process will provide your organisation with the tools to transform your business, with faster response times and more accurate shipments. To accomplish this you may require some technology and process changes to your existing operations.

  • Develop the process for the creation and transmission of Reverse Purchase Orders, if applicable for your business model with Myer
  • Adopt scanning technology for the pick & pack process, reducing manual counting errors and speeding up the process. This will provide more accuracy and should reduce the paperwork associated with shipping the products (packing slips, etc)
  • Ensure sufficient checks and controls exist in the pick & pack process to enable packing by store, Logistics labelling and incorporation of Logistics labels (including the SSCC) and ASN creation
  • Minimise manual intervention, where possible eliminate the need to manually track merchandise movement throughout your facility. This will prevent discrepancies & errors between the EDI order received and the EDI ASN sent.

To learn more about EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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