EDI Communication Protocols

EDI Communication Protocols (WPS Health Solutions)

EDI Communication Protocols recommended for WPS Health Solutions EDI exchange are listed and described in today’s blog post. The implementation of WPS Community Manager provides new options for EDI Communication Protocols.

  1. WPS Gateway Express provides a secure web-based access for Trading Partners, so that the external users associated with these Trading Partners can log in and perform simple file uploads and downloads. Trading Partners communicate with the WPS Gateway Express Server by exchanging documents over HTTPS. Support for this industry standard means that the software can be easily implemented, using existing technology infrastructure.
  2. HTTPS (also referred to as HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) – is a protocol for secure communication over a computer network which is widely used on the internet. It can be used in Web application transfers as well as raw structure transfers. WPS Gateway Express web application uses HTTPS for connectivity but is identified as ‘Inbox’ when you are setting your Primary Transport method.
  3. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) via AGNS connection via Network Service Vendor.
  4. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) –XML-based protocol. Its whole purpose is to send and receive XML packaged information. Used for “Real-time” X12 exchanges such as 276/277(Claim Status), however ‘Batch’ transmissions of the 276/277(Claim Status) and 835 (Remittance) can be sent via SOAP. X.509 Client Certificates will be used over Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for 835 batch transactions.
  5. MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) – is an internet standard that extends the format of email. This is a message protocol used in real-time transaction exchange. When utilizing MIME, transport protocol must be AS2_HTTPS. HTTP server errors with an HTTP 500 Internal Service Error or an HTTP 503 Service Unavailable error message for transactions as a result of the Phase II Connectivity Rule 270, requirement 4.3.
  6. X12 –Electronic data interchange (EDI) standard, developed for the electronic exchange of machine-readable information between businesses. An X12 document is a file containing EDI data to be exchanged between Trading Partners. There are three basic structures in an X12 document:
    • Interchange
    • Functional Group
    • Transaction Set.

Prior to 4/3/2017 the WPS Bulletin Board System is the only Transfer Protocol for direct billing. Asynchronous Dial-up Bulletin board system. WPS is currently using the WPS EDI Bulletin Board System (BBS) to receive vendor electronic files using asynchronous telecommunications. The BBS also allows you to receive reports and other files from WPS.

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