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The Components of an EDI System (SARS Explanation)

The three components or building blocks of an EDI system are standard messages, EDI enabling software and electronic communications. In this blog post –┬áStandard Messages.

Standard Messages

EDI and message standards have become inter-dependent as EDI has progressed from proprietary, closed systems to open systems. A simple analogy illustrating the need for message standards can be constructed by considering human communication and languages. We can imagine in the best case scenario a situation where an interpreter can facilitate communication between two people speaking two different languages, but what would happen if the number of people suddenly increases to 10 or 190 ? Without a common language the situation would rapidly become chaotic. Computer communications and applications also need a common language in order to understand each other, and this common language is to be found in the UN/EDIFACT (United Nations Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce and Transport) standard.

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