EDI Conformance

EDI Conformance Check-Up And Confirmation

EDI Conformance is applied to confirm that the implemented EDI solution corresponds the written specification. Compliance testing is the process by which you test your solution. Usually the specification or testing suite define the degrees of EDI Conformance testing. Complete specification compliance testing may be complex. It depends on how complex the described interactions were. Issues like risk (legal business processes such as POs are often involved) and distance (necessary yet sufficient to accomplish the marketing goal) indicate the degree of compliance, from basic to complete, which may be reasonably accomplished. However, compliance with a specification does not guarantee interoperability.

Conformance testing can be carried out by third-party companies that specialize in that service. In some instances the vendor maintains an in-house department for conducting conformance tests prior to the initial release of a product or upgrade. Usually once the set of tests has been completed and an EDI application has been found to comply with all the applicable standards, that solution can be advertised as having been certified by the organization that defined the standards and the corporation or organization that conducted the tests.

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