EDI Control Segments

EDI Transaction Control Segments/Envelopes (AHCCCS EDI Requirements)

EDI transactions transmitted during a session or as a batch are identified by an interchange header segment (ISA) and trailer segment (IEA) which forms the envelope enclosing the transmission. Each ISA marks the beginning of the transmission and provides sender and receiver identification. Only one set of ISA/IEA is accepted by AHCCCS.

GS-GE Segments

EDI transactions of a similar nature and destined for one trading partner may be gathered into a functional group, identified by a functional group header segment (GS) and a functional group trailer segment (GE). Each GS segment marks the beginning of a functional group. There can be many functional groups within an interchange envelope.

ST-SE Segments

The beginning of each individual transaction is identified using a transaction set header segment (ST). The end of every transaction is marked by a transaction set trailer segment (SE). There can be multiple ST/SE sets within GS/GE.

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