EDI Control Segments (Envelopes)

EDI Control Segments (Envelopes) – Emdeon 837 Claims Notes

EDI Control Segments (Envelopes) notes are given in today’s post to provide the information necessary to facilitate electronic interchange of healthcare transactions with Emdeon. Emdeon partners with hundreds of practice management system vendors to bring the connectivity to the network.

EDI Control Segments (Envelopes) Necessary Points

EDI Control Segments (Envelopes) are used to provide information about the trading partner and the type of information contained within the transmission. EDI Control Segments (Envelopes) for most of the health care transactions are comprised of an Envelop (ISA-IEA); a Functional Group Header (GS/GE); and a Transaction Set (ST/SE). Information about the Interchange and Functional Group are contained in Appendix C of the TR3 documents.

Information in the Interchange Control Header must represent the information necessary to identify trading partners. Prior to implementing with Emdeon, a submitter and receiver of the transactions must obtain their trading partner numbers. These will be provided during the initial implementation.

The ISA/IEA Segment elements all have a minimum and maximum set to the same value. This requires that all positions within this segment must be filled. For example, the Emdeon receiver identification number in ISA08 is a 9 digit number making it necessary to complete the length of the element with spaces before ending the element with the delimiter (*).

The Interchange Acknowledgement is the TA1 and Emdeon will return a TA1 Acknowledgement upon request of the submitter by indicating a value of 1 in ISA14. All errors within the ISA/IEA will result in a TA1 with a rejection status.

Emdeon provides EDI solutions and connectivity to more than 500,000 providers and 1,200 payers for claim, ERA and real-time eligibility and benefit verification transactions. The above given information subjects to ASC X12 implementation guides, known as Type 3 Technical Reports (TR3’s), which define the data contents and compliance requirements for the health care implementation of the ASC X12N/005010 transaction sets.

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