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EDI Courses Available For Everyone Involved In Modern Business

EDI Courses are of a high demand in the times of globalization and international business developement. Though we live in a high-technology and Internet communication era, still many enterprise owners, top managers, head of departments and office workers suffer from tons of paper every day. Business processes have been effectively shifted to automation during last couple of decades; however, in many companies the efficiency level is mostly the same. This actually steals company development and profit grow.

One of the reasons of slow EDI implementation is quite low educational level of human resources. EDI can be successfully implemented but poorly used. Company staff may lack proper EDI knowledge, so the efficiency of EDI processes does not grow.

EDI Academy has designed educational EDI courses (including online trainings) for specialists from various industries. It does not matter whether you are working in health care, automotive industry, logistics, retail or supply chain, you need to keep up with the modern technologies and business automation systems. EDI Academy offers basic course for those who are new to EDI as well as the course for experienced EDI users who need more real-world EDI practice and examples of its implementation. Find below a brief description of training courses offered by EDI Academy.

EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices (General – For All Industries)

This course provides both an overview of EDI, and an in-depth understanding of the technology’s strategic and operational components. This is an excellent training opportunity for anyone whose work involves EDI, or who anticipates future involvement in an aspect of their company’s EDI efforts. What makes the EDI Academy’s course unique is the application of real world examples from a wide variety of companies and industries.

Advanced EDI Training (Mapping & Best Practices – All Industries)

This one-day workshop is split into two parts. The first part will focus on best-practice presentations for various industries. The second part will consist of mapping sessions. This class is offerred the next day after the EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices Training.

Health Care (HIPAA) EDI Fundamentals and Best Practices

This intensive two-day class covers all 9 Health Care EDI Transactions. The novice will be able to gain knowledge about Health Care fundamentals while the seasoned professional will gain best practices knowledge. The course deciphers all 9 Health Care EDI transactions; every single segment and element of each of the 9 health care EDI transactions will be analyzed and explained. For the most popular transactions there will be a mapping exercise conducted.

Advanced HIPAA EDI Training (Mapping & Best Practices)

We cover advanced health care EDI mapping concepts and do a much deeper dive into the loops and nested loops. This class includes plenty of mapping exercises. We also allow for discussion of EDI challenges attendees may face and brainstorm possible solutions. Use-cases and case studies of complicated transaction implementations will be included in this section as well. A discussion of the industry’s latest initiatives such as CAQH Core operating rules, 277 RFAI / 275 discussions will also be included in this training.

EDIFACT AND TRADACOMS EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices

Based in our London, UK training facility this course is designed for EDI users in Europe. This class will combine all the best practices of EDI implementation and present raw data and transaction examples in EDIFACT and TRADACOMS format. This class will also cover basic ANIS X12 Fundamentals.

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