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EDI Courses in summer are a good chance to become smarter and more educated while others have rest

EDI courses by EDI Academy are developed for specialists from various industries and with different level of knowledge. That is why, if you are lack of electronic data interchange knowledge, you can take the right class from the offered EDI courses this summer. Spend you holidays effectively!

Of course, you can ask “But do I need EDI in my business..? Where can I deal with it..? How can EDI knowledge help me to work more effective..?”. Electronic data interchange is widely used in different sectors and is applied in various business and economic activities. The quantity of the existing worldwide as well as state standards, specific working groups and organizations confirms that EDI has lots to bring to every industry.

EDI is an instrument that helps companies from automotive industry achieve business goals – calculations, loading, billing, transportation and tracking are much easier with EDI. Accounts payable and receivable in many organizations have the priority to send and receive payments with a flashlight speed. Also they need the exact information, for example, from warehouse and stock to make future planning and set financial goals. Paper reduction is one of the most useful features here. In high-tech industry the value chain has become very complex, with many high tech companies relying on external partners to help design and manufacture their products. Time to market can define the success of a high-tech company. EDI ensure the industry’s processes are as efficient as possible. One of the most succesful examples of EDI implementation is retail. This economy sector fully embraces EDI – here it is used it with a competitive advantage.

See the full schedule of EDI courses and trainings provided by EDI Academy. Choose the most suitable for you!

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