EDI Custom Training

EDI Custom Training: Personal Opportunities For Businesses

Custom training provided by EDI Academy is a possibility to educate your staff at a group training. Training classes give a foundation of practical knowledge about Electronic Data Interchange and how EDI applies specifically to your business. We start with the basics and then focus in on issues that are pertinent to your organization.

EDI custom group training benefits

  • Saving time: The seminars are conducted for a group of people.
  • Saving money: You will get a discount for a group training. You will not spend money on trip and accommodation expenses by having affordable training at an online webinar.
  • Comfort: Training is conducted in a form of a live webinar. Learn from any point of a country.
  • Time management: Classes are scheduled at your request, and we do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • Specific program: Training is tailored to your environment and requests, you do not waste time on topics that are not of your interest.
  • Personal consulting: You have the opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for a number of companies and trading partners. Get answers to all your EDI questions.
  • Cross-project cooperation: The training is conducted for a group of your workers, and this is a good chance for the staff from different departments to discuss essential EDI issues eye-to-eye.

To inquire about custom training course please email: info@ediacademy.com or call (877) EDI-6484, (877) 334-6484.

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