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Date And Time Qualifier Codes In EDI Transactions

In Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions, date and time qualifier codes are used to specify the type of date or time being referenced in a document. These codes help to standardize the communication of date and time information across different business processes and systems. Here are some common date and time qualifier codes used in EDI transactions:

Date Qualifier Codes

1. 001: Cancel After Date
2. 002: Delivery Requested
3. 003: Invoice Date
4. 004: Purchase Order Date
5. 005: Shipment Date
6. 006: Contract Date
7. 007: Effective Date
8. 010: Requested Ship Date
9. 011: Shipped Date
10. 017: Estimated Delivery Date

Time Qualifier Codes

1. 001: Requested Delivery Time
2. 002: Shipped Time
3. 003: Requested Pickup Time
4. 004: Effective Time
5. 005: Available for Delivery Time
6. 006: Contract Time
7. 007: Available for Pickup Time
8. 008: Pickup Time
9. 009: Appointment Time
10. 010: Start Time

Combined Date/Time Qualifier Codes

1. 011: Requested Delivery Date and Time
2. 012: Scheduled Delivery Date and Time
3. 013: Actual Delivery Date and Time
4. 014: Requested Pickup Date and Time
5. 015: Scheduled Pickup Date and Time
6. 016: Actual Pickup Date and Time

These codes are part of the standardized sets used in various EDI formats, such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, and others. They ensure that both parties in the transaction understand the exact meaning of each date and time reference, reducing confusion and errors in processing business documents like purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices.

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