EDI Delivery Schedule Processing

EDI Delivery Schedule Processing (Continental Automotive)

EDI Delivery Schedule Processing is generated demand-driven, within Continental’s ERP-System, according to the Sourcing Model and sent to Supplier. EDI transmission for Delivery Schedule Processing is preferred (e.g. EDIFACT format). Suppliers will receive a Delivery Schedule for any Contract Product by any ordering Continental location in regular intervals or whenever updated. For each Contract Product there is a separate EDI message. Each Continental location regularly updates the Delivery Schedule on specific weekdays. The ordering Continental location informs Supplier during set-up of the EDI connection about the specific weekday and other technical requirements.

EDI Delivery Schedule Processing inform Supplier about current and forecasting estimates for Contract Products and contains multiple schedule lines for current demands and for forecasting estimates up to 18 months, together with the required Continental receipt date (date the Contract Product shall arrive at Continental) and quantities of Contract Products at the Continental delivery address (point of consumption). The schedule (also known as release) instructs the Supplier to deliver a specified quantity of Contract Products to a particular Continental location by a specified date and time (Continental will order based on minimum packing units). Supplier shall use this information to plan deliveries to Continental locations according to the dates and quantities indicated in the Delivery Schedule.

Dates cited in the Delivery Schedule are to be understood by Supplier as arrival dates at the respective Continental destination. Arrival dates can be cited for a specific day (usually for the first two weeks), calendar week (usually for the first twelve weeks), or months (from 12th weeks onwards). Other times than these delivery dates are permitted only if coordinated with Continental.

Delivery Schedules are valid until replaced by the next release of the Delivery Schedule. The next release of the Delivery Schedule for a Contract Product replaces the preceding one completely. The last received Delivery Schedule is decisive for delivery. The Supplier has to make sure that the data provided by Continental in the EDI message is processed correctly within Supplier’s IT-System and is obligated to inform Continental in case the message is not received in time or within the defined cycles. The same applies for any release that appear implausible to Supplier.

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