EDI Development Project Leader

EDI Development Project Leader Profile

EDI Development Project Leader develops and supervises project teams in successful implementation of EDI projects. Below you will find basic qualifications requirements description, general responsibilities, specific responsibilities and activities applicable to EDI Development Project Leader.

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EDI Development Project Leader Qualifications

  • Six to eight years of experience in systems and programming
  • Minimum of one year of project administration experience
  • Customer contact experience
  • Basic understanding of communication concepts
  • Strong verbal, written and interpersonal skills
  • Some operating system and programming language experience a must
  • Exposure to EDI a plus
  • Ability to direct others and exercise judgement in decision-making
  • Strong business analytical skills

EDI Development Project Leader General Responsibilities

  • Develops and supervises project teams in successful implementation of projects
  • Acts as key interface with users
  • Ultimately responsible for the entire design and development and testing tasks
  • Works with EDI coordinator to ensure successful implementation of EDI with trading partners
  • Plans projects using automated tools and manages assigned staff
  • Interacts heavily with customers to find technical solutions to EDI implementation, resolves problems and documents results for analysis
  • Performs analysis of functional business areas to determine EDI applicability and extent of systems development work

EDI Development Project Leader Specific Responsibilities and Activities

  • Prepares and maintains project plan, plans, tracks budgeted versus actuals
  • Plans and monitors system development, maintenance activity and assigned personnel
  • Prepares documentation for project life cycle phase in accordance with your methodology and standards
  • Interacts with EDI trading partners to determine implementation and education efforts required, identity implementation scope, tracks and reports project status
  • Participates in preparation and execution of test plans
  • Designs interface software
  • Prepares program specification
  • Designs audit and control procedures
  • Develops backup and recovery procedures.

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