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EDI Education Benefits: Do we all need EDI trainings?

EDI Education is a powerful instrument in your professional development, building strong working skills, expanding business knowledge and sharing experience with industry professionals. Do I really need EDI education in building my retail (warehousing, logistics, insurance, health care…) career? We are sure, many specialists from the mentioned branches have asked this question many times. If you are still not sure, we will try to discover all the benefits you can get from EDI education.

  • Using EDI skills, create an integrated partner union that is easily controlled and coordinated as a single entity. EDI technology as a powerful instrument for modern business.
  • Standardize your business data within a separate internal process of exchange that makes this process run faster and more efficiently between trading partners.
  • Get rid of tons of paper. EDI is a paperless virtual system. No paper documents, no schedules and enormous supply schemes, no delays and manual failures in your everyday process. Instead of this, build faster automatically organized trading processes.
  • EDI is a common “language” for electronic communication – learn it and speak fluently with your business partners.
  • Reduce manual intervention. EDI allows you exclude mistakes and failures.
  • Feel comfortable in B2B, e-commerce business relationships. EDI is a reliable and controlled method of communication with you trading partners.
  • Instead of diving into paper and manual operations, concentrate on more important business tasks like searching for new clients or improving marketing strategies.

EDI education provided by EDI Academy is represented by local trainings around the USA and in Canada. For those who cannot join our classes at local place, we offer online webinars all year long. Since our first class we are constantly working on improving training activities and what we are giving to our clients. EDI custom enterprise on-site training provided by EDI Academy is a good chance to educate your staff by a group training.

  • Saving time: The seminars are conducted in one place for a group of people
  • Saving money: You will not spend money on trip and accommodation expenses by having affordable training at your facility
  • Time management: Classes are scheduled at your request and we do our best to accommodate your schedule.
  • Specific program: Training is tailored to your environment and requests, you do not waste time on topics that are not of interest.
  • Personal consulting: You have the opportunity to consult with an expert that has implemented EDI for a number of companies and trading partners.
  • Cross-project cooperation: The training is conducted for a group of your workers and this is a good chance for the staff from different departments to discuss essential EDI issues eye-to-eye.

Current EDI trainings and webinars schedule

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