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EDI Education: Your investment in raising-up your business

EDI education is not as widely available as it should be. Most companies that implement EDI use staff who are self-taught, or who attend their software vendor’s training sessions. This may seem sufficient for day-to-day EDI operations but in truth it is not adequate. Personnel that have no EDI education may not realize just how much power EDI offers their workplace. In the end, the EDI user who has not taken EDI education is not going to be able to reap all the benefits that EDI has to offer.
Generally it takes years of experience and many different EDI roles for a staff member to learn all there is to know about electronic data interchange and its best practices implementation methods. Enrolling in an effective EDI education at the start would have been the best idea. The goal of the EDI Academy is to expedite this process by providing training in EDI fundamentals and best practices. In the last 8 years, we have helped train over thousands of EDI users nationwide. EDI Academy offers certification that is becoming very popular in the industry.
Check out our testimonials page for reviews and comments on our trainings http://ediacademy.com/Testimonials.html.

EDI Academy provides the following classes for different industries:

Advanced EDI Training http://ediacademy.com/EDIFACT_CourseInformation.html
Custom On-site Training http://ediacademy.com/edi-training-custom.html
EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices: General http://ediacademy.com/Course%20Agenda.pdf
Health Care EDI Fundamentals & Best Practices http://ediacademy.com/CourseInformation.html
EDIFACT EDI Training http://ediacademy.com/CourseInformation.html

EDI Academy seminars are software-independent and vendor-neutral. The instructor has over 15 years of EDI experience as the EDI Manager for a national retail chain he expanded EDI Compliance close to 100% and is currently leading an EDI Initiative at a Fortune 500 company.

Choose the best EDI education courses for you right now and get as much as possible for your future EDI career or business developement.

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