Electronic Remittance Advice

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Enrollment Form

The Medicare Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) Enrollment process provides for collection of the information needed to successfully receive ERA transactions from Medicare and EDI trading partners. This agreement must be executed by each provider that receives ERA either directly to or from Medicare or through a third party. Each provider that will use ERA either directly or through a billing agent or clearinghouse with Medicare must sign the ERA Enrollment Form and submit it to the A/B MAC or CEDI with which ERA transactions will be received before the A/B MAC or CEDI will transmit ERA. A/B MACs or CEDI may accept a signed ERA Enrollment Form for providers via fax, email, internet portal, or hard copy and may accept electronic signature formats, “wet”, or a combination of the two. The ERA Enrollment Form is effective as specified in the terms of the agreement.

In accord with a particular MAC’s business processes, providers who have a signed ERA Enrollment Form on file with a particular A/B MAC, or CEDI may or may not be required to submit a new signed ERA Enrollment Form to the same A/B MAC, or CEDI each time they change their method of electronic billing or begin to use another type of EDI transaction, e.g., changing from direct submission to submission through a clearinghouse or changing from one billing agent to another. Additionally, providers may or may not be required to notify their A/B MAC, or CEDI if their existing clearinghouse begins to use alternate software; the clearinghouse is responsible for notification in that instance.

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