Electronic Remittance Advice and Electronic Funds Transfer (Health Net)

EDI gives the tools to track electronic claims status, improve timely filing, and access daily accept/reject reports. This also means easier receivables and account reconciliation.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

Health Net has further streamlined its business processes to improve claims procedures. Providers can now register to receive Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA). These features streamline claim processing, reduce administrative work and improve provider satisfaction by reducing claims-related problems.

ERA files give providers details regarding multiple claims. ERA improves providers’ business office workflow by allowing the adjudicated claim information to be automatically posted to accounts receivable systems. Health Net will send an ERA to any provider who registers with Health Net and with a clearinghouse. ERA is available in all Health Net service areas.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT automates the distribution of funds into providers’ accounts using Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) processing. EFT is the electronic mechanism used to instruct Depository Financial Institutions (DFIs) to move money from one account to another. Many formats are available for the actual data in the electronic message, and different formats apply at each stage. EFT is safe, secure, efficient, and less expensive than paper check payments and collections. A separate registration form is required. Get help from Health Net’s EDI specialists. Please contact the Health Net Provider Services Center regarding all claim adjudication issues regardless of submission method.

To learn more about HIPAA EDI and become a certified  EDI Professional please visit our course schedule page.

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