EDI errors

EDI Errors (BWS ACK files)

Find some insights as for the errors in EDI documents and steps to resolve these errors. The information below details the description of errors reported in the EDI ACK file and/or WCAIS EDI Web portal application and how to correct the error.

Code/ID Invalid, Not Statutorily Valid, Must be Valid Content, or Must be>=Date of Injury etc….

Filer has submitted either an MTC or DN (Data Element) isn’t accepted in Pa -or- filer has submitted an incorrect or invalid character or amount of characters in the transaction. If the error is relating to a date, then the order is off (i.e. Date of Birth is after Date of Injury etc…).

You should review the data the filer submitted in the field mentioned in the Error Element Name and correct to match MTCs and DNs accepted in Pa along with field characters/amounts of characters accepted per Value table. SROI PD may not have Claim Type code “I”. SROI IP/AP may not have Claim Type codes “M” or “B”.

02s submitted while claim is in Medical Only or temporary (medical) status may not have Claim Type code “I” unless SROI IP has already been reported because benefit data is required to populate an NCP or NTCP.

Mandatory Field Not Present

Filer will receive this message when the transaction is missing a mandatory field. The Error Element Name in the TR will provide the filer with the missing element. If the filer has any questions, inquiries
may be submitted through the Customer Service Center in WCAIS (Category= EDI Sub-category=Rejections).

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