EDI File Submission

EDI File Submission Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs

Guidelines for EDI files submission through the WCMBP web portal.

The system will display the notification that your file has been successfully uploaded.

  • File Name
  • Date/Time File was submitted

You can upload another file or click close to return to the home page. WCMBP limits a file size to 50 MB while uploading HIPAA files through the WCMBP web portal.

Submitting Supporting Documents HIPAA Batch Transaction

The following steps should be followed to send supporting documents to the WCMBP System for the bills submitted via EDI:

  1. For each supporting document, assign a unique Attachment Control Number and use it in 2300 Loop PWK segment.
  2. Download the Bills Supporting Documents Cover Sheet from the WCMBP Web Portal at https://owcpmed.dol.gov/portal/resources/forms and references/general.
  3. Fill out the Cover Sheet with all the required information. Please select “EDI Attachment Control Number” as Identifier Type and enter the Attachment Control Number in the Identifier Value field.
  4. Print the cover sheet and mail it with the supporting document to the mailbox listed on the cover sheet for the respective claimant’s program.

To learn more about EDI and become a CEDIAP® (Certified EDI Academy Professional), please visit our course schedule page.

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